• What is ACDF?

    What is ACDF?

    Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) is a surgery to remove a herniated or degenerative disc in the neck. This procedure is only considered failing non invasive treatments such as Physiotherapy and medication.  Patients often present with pain, weakness,…

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  • Anterior Knee Pain

    Anterior Knee Pain

    Are you suffering from Anterior Knee Pain?  Anterior Knee Pain accounts for 28-30% of all running injuries and 27% of knee pain in female adolescents! Also known as Patellafemoral Pain, Anterior Knee Pain can be caused by multiple structures including the joint…

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  • Suffering from Shoulder pain?

    Suffering from Shoulder pain?

    Are you experiencing shoulder pain or discomfort?  The shoulder is a very complex joint, providing the largest range of movement than any other joint in the body!  Shoulder pain can be related to numerous structures including injury to ligaments, tendons, bursa…

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  • What is T4 Syndrome?

    T4 Syndrome describes pinching of, or irritation to the nerves surrounding a particular facet joint of the spine. The T4 level is part of 12 vertebra making up the upper spine. Symptoms include the referral of pain and / or numbness to the upper limbs and hands. …

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