Sports Massage In Fareham

At The Whiteley Surgery, Fareham, Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy will soon be offering individually tailored sports massage treatments with one of our highly skilled Sports and Remedial Massage therapists. All our therapists have undergone rigorous Level 4 and Level 5 Sports Massage training and have a wealth of experience helping our clients overcome a variety of injuries and issues. Sports massage itself is an excellent way to speed up recovery during intense training and following an injury, and has a number of physiological and psychological benefits.

  • Reduce pain associated with chronic injuries, sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries and other complaints
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Improve flexibility and motion
  • Raise energy levels
  • Increase sense of vitality, positivity and wellbeing

If youโ€™re local to The Whiteley Surgery, Fareham, and would like to book in for a sports massage treatment once this service has been introduced, please express your interest now via emailing us at

If youโ€™d like treatment sooner, we currently offer sports massage at the Jubilee Sports Centre within the University of Southampton, at 19 Oxford Street, Southampton, and at Knightwood Leisure Centre in Valley Park, Eastleigh.


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โ€” Oliver Martin
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